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Our Highlights from 2015


Common Change launched an Incubator to nurture and grow projects around the country that share an ethos of eliminating isolation, expanding collaboration and sharing.

10 Year Anniversary

We started as a six-month experiment with a handful of people in 2005, and a decade on we continue to experiment with and explore giving together.

Acts of Sharing Merger

Acts of Sharing, the Austin-based peer-to-peer sharing platform, joined the Common Change family. Read More.

Common Change App 2.0

We launched 2.0, filled with new features and bug fixes, and a shiny new user interface. This is still the highlight of our year!

Highway Generosity Dinners

On one night, 180 people gathered around 22 dinners to share a meal and do a little good in the world. Highway Community ran a second round of community-wide Generosity Dinners in August.

South African Pilot Groups

We launched our first 2 pilot groups in Cape Town. There are now 5 South African groups and Common Change SA is a registered non-profit company. Read More.

Faithonomics Conference

We co-hosted the first Faithonomics Conference: Connecting belief and practice for the common good.

Common City Lexington

We started focussing on “place-based collaborative giving” with the hopes of creating a gifting ecosystem to move resources directly to people who need them, strengthening the relational fabric of local community. Read More.

New Handbook Published

We created a new Group Handbook filled with tips, principles and guidance on how to start and grow a giving group.
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Vision to eliminate personal economic isolation

Values: Abundance,Collaboration, People, and Relationships
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A letter from the Director

Dear Common Change friends and family,

Somewhere in your (and in my) corner of the world, someone is in need of help. The need may visible or invisible, but is nonetheless real. Because of you – because you are the ears, the heart, the wallet, truly the best part of Common Change – help is available.

Each and every day you make all the difference in the world for friends, family, and neighbors – yours and mine! Not only does your engagement meet real needs, but it also restores hope.

When people ask me what makes Common Change different, I reply that Common Change changes lives, including ours. Countless times, a gift recipient has told me about what the help we have offered has meant – education, job security, opportunity, restored hope in humanity. Your gifts open lifelong doors to life-change. And your gifts change the collective us, from the smallest gift of $2.84 to buy a cake to celebrate the lives of two elderly friends or the largest gift of nearly $18k to help with education expenses.

No doubt there are still needs to meet. So it is with great celebration that, together, we enter another year with Common Change.


As we broke down each need–as we discussed how the needs might be met through existing resources and non-monetary means–I saw our power as a group grow and the intimidation of the needs shrink. It was a real experience of hope.

Previously, I had been thinking individualistically about community change: What can I do? I realized the question must become,
“What can we do together?”